Die von Mastrant® angebotenen Seile sind alle aus modernen Materialien wie Polyester (Mastrant-P) und Dyneema® (Mastrant-M und D-F2) hergestellt. Der Anwendungsbereich umfasst alle Arten der Antennenbefestigung. Vom Tragseil für Antennenkabel bis zur Abspannung von sehr großen Antennenmasten. Zu allen Seilen kann auch das notwendige Zubehör aus Edelstahl geliefert werden.
Entwicklung, Test und Qualitätskontrolle alle Produkte garantiert eine lange Lebensdauer. Auch werden alle Teile einer laufenden Qualitätskontrolle im Labor als auch unter realen Bedingungen mit verschiedenen professionellen Benutzern unterzogen.

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How replace steel guywires?


  • Strength of P4 and P5 26. 4. 2018

    We are updating the ratings for Breaking Strength and Safe Working Load for our most popular rope, 4mm and 5mm Mastrant-P. We began improving the construction of this rope in our production process more than 6 years ago and have been testing samples from each run. We are now satisfied that the changes have resulted in consistent, permanent improvements. Here are the new ratings:
    Mastrant-P, 4 mm: BS=440 daN (about 440 kg, 970 lb.), SWL=132 daN (about 132 kg, 290 lb.)
    Mastrant-P, 5 mm: BS=540 daN (about 540 kg, 1190 lb.), SWL=162 daN (about 162 kg, 360 lb.)

  • Orders of customers from USA and Canada 6. 3. 2018

    If you are considering placing an order and you want to save money on shipping, please place an order no later than March 11 in our on-line shop. You can pick it up in our booth 3607 at the Dayton Hamvention (choose “Personal pickup at fair”) or we will ship it directly to you from the US (choose “Dayton shipping”). Shipping from Dayton is free for orders over $199 (to US), and shipping costs for smaller orders will reflect the cost of shipping from Ohio.

  • Thread Rods 17. 11. 2017

    We have added to our assortment (hardware section) very useful material for all who build their antennas yourself. It is stainless steel (AISI 316 - A4) thread rods 1 m long in sizes M5 to M12.