Rope Mastrant-W 3 mm (1/8 in.)

mw03025 mastrant rope guying
mw03025 mastrant rope guyingmw03030_mastrant_rope_guying_1732111517
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Code Length [m] Weight [g] Dimensions [WxLxH mm] In Stock Price

25 m

125 70 x 70 x 35
$4.00($4.00 excl VAT)
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If you need any thin rope for mounting, the Mastrant-W is the right choice. This rope is a working rope designed for i.e. winding up the antennas, holding during the construction work etc. It is not intended for permanent anchoring. It is flexible and slippery and it doesn´t wrench which eliminates the knotting. Diameter 3 mm, packing 25 m (white) or 30 m (red).
Construction: 8-strand braided without core
Material: PPV Multitex - high-strength multifilament Polypropylene fibre

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Weight 125 g

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