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Mastrant rope termination with Thimble and Duplex Wire Rope Clip


Thick Mastrant rope termination with Fist-Grip and Thimble- 14 mm (9/16") rope


Using ClamCleat Loop Cleat Tensioner 3-6mmorLoop Cleat Tensioner 6-11mm black


Using ClamCleat Line-Lok Rope Tensioner BlackorLine-Lok Rope Tensioner Glow


Securing Line-Lok rope tensioner


Using ClamCleat Aero Cleat tensioners


Assembling and using Mastrant mast clamps


Permanent connection of the rope with thimble


Cutting Mastrant rope with Soldering Iron



  • Rope tensioning carabiner CamJam (Aluminum) 20. 12. 2022

    Just before the end of the year we put this new product on sale - Rope tensioning carabiner CamJam (Aluminum), which combines a strong carabiner with a cam locking mechanism.

  • Mastrant-R 2 mm (1/16 in.) on sale 2. 12. 2022

    Have you noticed that we also sell this popular rope Mastrant-R, this time in 2mm diameters? Take a look here.

  • New Mastrant discussion group 10. 11. 2021

    We have a new discussion group (https://groups.io/g/mastrant). Feel free to join. Here you can discuss with others anything related to Mastrant products - what you don't know, or what you want to share with others, so you can help them.

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