Everything You Need For Antenna Guying

We specialize in products and advice on guying and truss support of antennas and other structures. Our main products are optimized synthetic ropes designed for outdoor use and appropriate accessories. Guying mast clamps and all of the ropes are made in the Czech Republic.


4 Reasons for Guying with Synthetic Guys

Zero Influence

No RF Interaction

Synthetic guy ropes do not effect whatsoever on your antenna.
Light Weight

Light Weight

Steel guywires are 2 times heavier than Mastrant-P, 3 to 5 times heavier than Mastrant-M, and almost 100 times heavier than D-F3 – comparing the ropes/wires with the same breaking strength.
Easy Handling

Easy Handling

It is quite easy to work with Synthetic guy ropes including bending, cutting, and making knots (depending on the type of rope!).
Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Synthetic guy ropes are 2-3 times cheaper than stainless steel guywires of the same breaking strength.

Worth consideration

Mastrant - Synthetic guy ropes and accessories

The Mastrant project was established in 2007 together with specialists who won high recognition for the developments of ropes and in cooperation with several experienced HAMs. We started with 2 product lines of the ropes and basic assortment of accessories. Now we have more than 300 items in our assortment and supply around the world. We provide also consulting services. We were a main partner and sponsor of WRTC 2014, WRTC 2018 and WRTC 2022 (postponed to 2023).

Martin Huml, OL5Y / OK1FUA
Founder and CEO

Why Mastrant?

  • Designed for guying
  • UV resistance
  • High strength
  • Low elongation – no stretch
  • Weather durability
  • Wide range of accessories and "must haves" for antenna work
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  • Choose appropriate guywire
  • Calculate lengths
  • Think about it
  • Do it
  • Regularly check it
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