Personal protective equipment

When you are working on a mast, you can quite often move to different heights or positions. That is why it is necessary to be very careful and to use appropriate personal protective equipment.

Work positioning belt

The work positioning belt is the most basic work-at-height equipment. This belt allows you to work with both hands free in any required position while you are safely standing for example on a bar of a lattice tower. Our model PB20 has waist reinforcement, positioning rings, adjustable buckle for size adjustment and loops for connecting a toolbox. We provide it in universal size M-XL and XXL.


A very important accessory to the belt is a lanyard, which helps you to attach yourself to the mast or any other fixed point during your work. Lanyard usage is quite simple; you attach the rope to the positioning rings of your belt while you wrap it around the mast or any other fixed point. Because quite often you work in different positions and distances from the fixing point, it is necessary for the lanyard’s length to be adjustable. There are two basic ways to adjust a lanyard: by a manually adjustable loop on the rope (type LB 10) or with a help of a rope adjuster (type PROT 3 and PROT 11). Rope adjuster allows you to shorten or lengthen the rope with just one hand and is necessary for any kind of intensive work at heights. 

PROT 3 – rope with length adjuster and rope protection, PA braided rope, Ø 14 mm, sewn eye with optional snap hook on the rope end and a snap hook on the adjuster, length: 2 m or 3 m.

LB 10 – universal safety rope with adjuster, PA braided rope, Ø 12 mm, sewn eye with eye socket on one rope end, possible to add optional snap hooks, length: 1 m or 1.5 m.

Safety harnesses 

Safety harnesses are very important in case of a fall. Type LX2 and LX3 can also replace the positioning belt. We provide them in universal size M-XL and size XXL.

BASIC – basic type of harness required for standard works in the building industry − roofers, etc., with rear and front attachment elements, adjustable shoulder and thigh straps, extended webbing to rear attachment element, size M-XL, XXL.

LX2 – universal type of a harness with a wide range of applications, rear and front attachment elements, positioning belt with side rings, adjustable shoulder and thigh straps, extended webbing to rear attachment element, size M-XL, XXL.

LX3 – with regard to a wide waist belt and elastic straps, this harness can be recommended for prolonged works on constructions, masts etc., rear and front attachment elements, wide positioning belt with side rings, ergonomic cushioned thigh straps, elastic shoulder straps, adjustable shoulder and thigh straps, size M-XL, XXL.

LX5 - full body harness with aluminium quick-acting buckles for easy use. Cushioning of thigh straps, positioning belt and shoulder straps guarantees high comfort. Front and rear attachment elements, positioning belt, new system of marking.

Rope safety systems

A very useful accessory to the safety harnesses are rope safety systems. They are able to limit the consequences of an eventual fall – minimise its length and safely control the stop.

ANACONDA. Guided type fall arrester (brake) for flexible anchor line diam. Fall arrester incorporating a fall absorber with AZ002 carabiner. Brake can be removed from rope. PA braided rope as flexible anchor line - ø 14 mm, sewn eye with thimble on one rope end. Length 10 to 50 m in 10 m increments.



CATCHER. Guided type fall arrester for a 12 mm rope. For work positioning and protection against fall. Made of forged aluminium. Braided polyamide rope 12 mm with an eye at the upper end and a rope termination at the lower end. Lengths: 10 m, 20 m, 30 m, 40 m, 50 m.



Retractable fall arrester Minibloc AN102. Designed for works which require large dislocation from the anchorage point. Energy absorber integrated with the work webbing. Maximal length 2.5 m.


Retractable fall arrester Protector Mini. Webbing 2.35 m long. Total length 245 cm. Integrated fall absorber. Two swivel elements. Weight without carabiners 850 g. Max. person weight 140 kg.


Energy absorber ABM L with connection lanyard LB 11 - PA webbing and PA braided rope ø 10.5 mm. Size 160 x 35 x 45 mm - length of system 1.8 m.


Energy absorber ABM 2L with two connection lanyards LB 11 and carabiner hooks. PA webbing and PA braided rope ø 10.5 mm - size 160 x 35 x 45 mm - length of system 1.8 m. 


Steel snap hook with lock. 360 x 155 mm, 800 g, opening 88 mm.


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