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Upcoming fairs


During our US tour (January to May) you can reach us also on US phone #: (513) 818 6959 and (256) 497 2881

February 3: Frostfest, Richmond Raceway Complex, Virginia (USA, https://www.frostfest.com)

February 9-11: HamCation, Central Florida Fairgrounds and Expo Park, Orlando, Florida (USA, https://www.hamcation.com)

February 17: Brooksville Hamfest, Brooksville, Florida (USA, http://www.hcara.org)

February 24: Dalton, North Georgia Fairgrounds, Georgia (USA, http://w4drc.webstarts.com)

March 2-3: BirmingHAMfest, Alabama (USA, http://birminghamfest.org)

March 9-10: Acadiana Hamfest, Civic Center - Rayne, Louisiana (USA, http://www.w5ddl.org/hamfest)

March 10-11: Fiera dell'elettronica, Montichiari (Italy, http://www.centrofiera.it)

March 16-17: Greater Houston Hamfest, Fort Bend County Fairgrounds, Texas (USA, http://houstonhamfest.org)

April 6-7: HamEXPO, Bell County Expo Center, Texas (USA, https://www.tarc.org/hamexpo)

April 13-14: Green Country Hamfest, Claremore, Oklahoma (USA, http://www.greencountryhamfest.org)

April 13-15: Norsk Hammeeting, Letohallen (Norsk, https://www.hammeeting.no) - CANCELED FOR HEALTH REASONS

April 20-22: International DX Convention, Visalia Convention Center, California (USA, http://www.dxconvention.org)

May 18-20: Hamvention (booth 3607), Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center, Xenia, Ohio (USA, http://hamvention.org)

June 1-3: HAM Radio Friedrichshafen (Germany, http://www.hamradio-friedrichshafen.de/ham-en/, booth A211)

August 18-19: Huntsville Hamfest - Alabama (http://www.hamfest.org/)

August 25-26: Holice (Czech Republic, http://www.ok1khl.com/view.php?cisloclanku=2017031801)

September 15-16: Avila (Spain, http://www.iberradio.es)

September 30: La Louvière (Belgium, http://www.on6ll.be/)

September 28-29: Newark National Hamfest (UK, http://www.nationalhamfest.org.uk/)

October 27: Surplus Party Zofingen (Switzerland, http://www.surplusparty.ch/surplus/index.htm)

November 25: Ham Radio Lisbon Portugal (Portugal, https://www.facebook.com/ARVMRCL/)



  • Camouflage ropes 2. 8. 2018

    We started production of "Camouflage look" of two sizes of Mastrant-P – called Mastrant-C. It is targeted for customers who need "invisible" guying in specific environment. The main color is tan with brown “dots”. They are available in sizes "3+" (3.5 mm, 9/64") and "6" (6.2 mm, 1/4"). 

  • New size of "P" rope: 3.5mm (9/64") 30. 7. 2018

    We started production of new size of rope Mastrant-P which fills the gap between "size 3" (diameter 2.6 mm) and "size 4" (diameter 4.4 mm). It is "size 3+" and has diameter 3.5 mm (9/64"). Breaking strength is 300 daN (about 300 kg or 660 lb.).  
  • Strength of P4 and P5 26. 4. 2018

    We are updating the ratings for Breaking Strength and Safe Working Load for our most popular rope, 4mm and 5mm Mastrant-P. We began improving the construction of this rope in our production process more than 6 years ago and have been testing samples from each run. We are now satisfied that the changes have resulted in consistent, permanent improvements. Here are the new ratings:
    Mastrant-P, 4 mm: BS=440 daN (about 440 kg, 970 lb.), SWL=132 daN (about 132 kg, 290 lb.)
    Mastrant-P, 5 mm: BS=540 daN (about 540 kg, 1190 lb.), SWL=162 daN (about 162 kg, 360 lb.)

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