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The Mastrant® optimized ropes are made from proven modern materials: Polyester and Dyneema®. The range covers products for a variety of applications, from thin support lines used for tying wire antennas and beams, to guys for supporting small and portable masts and vertical antennas, to guying ropes for high antenna towers tens of metres high.

The development, testing and quality control of all these products ensures a superior product delivering long life. They are subject to continuous verifying in real conditions in co-operation with many users.
In the real life we have installations more than 10 years old with no signs of deteriorating.

“Is Mastrant® made from Kevlar?”

People are used to using Kevlar for “high strength ropes with lower elongation". No matter what material the rope is made of. Kevlar (or Technora, Twaron, etc.) are brand names for aramid fibres. Those fibres are susceptible to UV degradation so they are always protected with extruded outer protective jackets - for example Phillystran® HPTG-I.

However, there is another material for ropes for mast guying - high-modulus polyethylene; trade names are Dyneema® or Spectra®. It has excellent UV resistance, high knot strength and low specific gravity. Mastrant-M ropes using new Dyneema® Max Technology maximizes the scope of the world’s strongest fiber. Mastrant® is pioneering the use of high performance synthetic rope in permanently loaded applications. Designed specifically for mooring production facilities in deep waters, DSM’s new ‘ultra high strength at low weight’ Dyneema® DM20 fiber delivers unrivalled rope strength, stiffness, durability and longevity.


All Mastrant® ropes have covers made from Polyester, which is fully UV radiation resistant. The ropes made from pure Dyneema® have special protective finish which endows the rope with unusual UV radiation resistance.

Hohe festigkeit

The Mastrant® ropes are exceptionally strong – not only the extra-strong product line Mastrant-M, but also the basic Performance/Price optimized ropes overcome standard synthetic ropes.

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The design of Mastrant® ropes is optimised for guying – so the lowest stretch is one of the most important features what we had in the mind.


Mastrant® ropes are all weather durable and resistant to acids and alkali.

Umfangreiches zubehör und most für antennenarbeiten

The assortment covers over 300 products for termination of the ropes, connecting, tightening, safe bending, cutting, ... When you are working on a mast, you can quite often move to different heights or positions. That is why it is necessary to be very careful and to use appropriate personal protective equipment – this is the reason why we also offer wide range of personal protective equipment and tools.