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Pokit is the world's smallest integrated multimeter, Digital Storage Oscilloscope and logger.

Measure Anything

Pokit measures, displays and logs a wide range of parameters including voltage, current, resistance and temperature. It also provides a continuity and diode checker. Pokit is intended for low voltage work up to audio frequencies.

Measure Anywhere

Pokit fits on your keychain! With leads that retract at the press of a button, Pokit is convenient and small enough to take anywhere!

Measure with Ease

Pokit connects wirelessly to your smartphone and app. Its amazingly easy to use. Simply touch to change modes and settings, and pinch and drag to pan and zoom waveforms. After using Pokit you'll wonder why all tools weren't designed this way!

More about Pokit

Pokit's App

App pokitMeter is available for Android and iPhone:

Android iPhone


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