HMPE rope D-F3 3 mm (1/8 in.): 100 m

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1 m

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100 m

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High Modulus PolyEthylene rope is one of the strongest, most durable and innovative ropes on the market today. The rope is made of high-modulus polyethylene. The HMPE ropes are impregnated with durable coating to reduce abrasion and extend the service life. The extraordinary features and extreme strenght of HMPE ropes is a reason for using it as frequent substitute to steel wire/steel ropes. The HMPE ropes go through a special heat and UV resistance treatment. They have an extremely low friction coefficient and highly reduce an operation costs. Additionally, they offer much safer handling solution compared to a standard steel ropes.
The rope surface is furnished with a special protective finish which endows the rope with unusual abrasion resistance and stability even when exposed to UV radiation. Considering its extraordinary properties, the rope is the choice for the extreme projects.
Construction: 12-strand braided heat set rope
Material: 100% HMPE superior (Nexsteel), special surface finish


Size [inch] 1/8
Diameter [mm] 3
Strength [daN, ~kg] 880
Safe working load [daN, ~kg] 264
Weight [g/m] 4.6
Elongation [%] 0.5

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