"Shopping list" for a simple mast

Below is an example of a tubular mast with a directional antenna and a rotator on top. In general, I recommend guying masts in two or more levels. Of course, it depends on the specific mast, but I roughly recommend one level for every about 5 m (15 ft.) of height. In this example, the mast is 12 m (36 ft.) high and made of steel tubes 50 mm ( 2") in diameter. 

What will you need?

  1. Rope. Based on calculations Forces in guy ropes and other considerations, it came out as a good solution the rope Mastrant Mastrant-M 3/16" (5 mm). It is strong enough with a huge reserve.
  2. Mast clamp. I recommend ACM1310, 2 pcs = 2 levels. I suppose you will guy the mast in 3 directions - you need to keep the angle of 120 degrees between guys relatively accurately, no more than 5 degrees deviation.
  3. Connecting element for the guy and the mast clamp. I recommend a Chain link coupler, size 6 mm. You need 6 pcs.
  4. Thimble and clip for the upper termination. For 5 mm rope, you need ATH05 and ADC05. You need 6 + 6 pcs.
  5. Connecting element for the bottom. I don't know what kind of anchoring into the ground you plan, so it depends on your particular solution. I can recommend these anchoring solutions or similar. For attaching the rope, I recommend again chain link, but a bigger size, 8 mm – ACC08. You can also use the shackle for bigger anchors. Again, 6 pcs.
  6. Tensioner. I recommend a popular cleat tensioner - for your rope CL223. You will need 6 pcs.
  7. Clamp for securing after the final tensioning of the guy ropes - the same as for the upper termination - ADC05. Again 6 pcs (so toal 12 pcs).


I recommend reading the following articles and see the video guides below a description of each recommended product on our website.


  • New Mastrant discussion group 10. 11. 2021

    We have a new discussion group (https://groups.io/g/mastrant). Feel free to join. Here you can discuss with others anything related to Mastrant products - what you don't know, or what you want to share with others, so you can help them.

  • Rope tensioning clamp, Triple pulleys, Tensioning reel 5. 10. 2021

    What brings the autumn new to our e-shop? 

    Rope tensioning clamp ATC12 suitable for Mastrant ropes with a diameter of 4 to 14 mm.

    Triple pulleys APUS##W very useful for a hoist up to 1:6 ratio.

    Tensioning reel CLPT771 allows guylines on portable masts to be quickly and easily tensioned and released. The rope is also stored on the reel. Ideal for antenna masts. 

    For all the other super functions of our goods, please visit the e-shop

  • Smooth carabiners & Rope cleats 12. 4. 2021

    Would it be handy to have something for quick attach or release with a hand? The carabiners AHOS## with a smooth surface might be the right choice. There are perfect for field work!

    Also, we do have different sizes of rope cleats ACTP## in stock now. 

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