"Shopping list" for a simple mast

Below is an example of a tubular mast with a directional antenna and a rotator on top. In general, I recommend guying masts in two or more levels. Of course, it depends on the specific mast, but I roughly recommend one level for every about 5 m (15 ft.) of height. In this example, the mast is 12 m (36 ft.) high and made of steel tubes 50 mm ( 2") in diameter. 

What will you need?

  1. Rope. Based on calculations Forces in guy ropes and other considerations, it came out as a good solution the rope Mastrant Mastrant-M 3/16" (5 mm). It is strong enough with a huge reserve.
  2. Mast clamp. I recommend ACM1310, 2 pcs = 2 levels. I suppose you will guy the mast in 3 directions - you need to keep the angle of 120 degrees between guys relatively accurately, no more than 5 degrees deviation.
  3. Connecting element for the guy and the mast clamp. I recommend a Chain link coupler, size 6 mm. You need 6 pcs.
  4. Thimble and clip for the upper termination. For 5 mm rope, you need ATH05 and ADC05. You need 6 + 6 pcs.
  5. Connecting element for the bottom. I don't know what kind of anchoring into the ground you plan, so it depends on your particular solution. I can recommend these anchoring solutions or similar. For attaching the rope, I recommend again chain link, but a bigger size, 8 mm – ACC08. You can also use the shackle for bigger anchors. Again, 6 pcs.
  6. Tensioner. I recommend a popular cleat tensioner - for your rope CL223. You will need 6 pcs.
  7. Clamp for securing after the final tensioning of the guy ropes - the same as for the upper termination - ADC05. Again 6 pcs (so toal 12 pcs).


I recommend reading the following articles and see the video guides below a description of each recommended product on our website.


  • New products 2020 26. 9. 2020

    We have added several new products to our range, which you have shown interest in or which we have found interesting. It's about: smooth snap hooks, double anti-tangle pulleys, cleat grips (one handed and two handed), big thimble, big eye-hook turnbuckles. Also, you can order 50m (165 ft.) lengths of most ropes for the same unit price as 100m.

  • Mastrant-Q 2. 2. 2020

    In 2019 we have developed replacement for “thick” ropes Mastrant-P. The line of diameters 6-8-10-12-14 will be replaced by new ropes Mastrant-Q with complex cores (Polyester and Polypropylene fibers) in diameters 6-8-11-14. These new ropes belongs to CLASSIC class and are even less expensive than Mastrant-P. Details.

  • Light version of Mast clamps available 27. 2. 2019

    Our original stainless steel mast clamps are already available also in light version. Guying Mast Clamp MA2 Light, Stainless

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