Guyrope Mastrant-M 6 mm (1/4 in.): 1 m

mm06100 mastrant rope guying
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Code Length [m] Weight [g] Dimensions [WxLxH mm] In Stock Price

1 m

32.3 250 x 26 x 7 Shipped within
1 working day
$3.50($3.50 excl VAT)

50 m

1700 160 x 160 x 150 Shipped within
1 working day
$146.00($146.00 excl VAT)

70 m

2400 170 x 170 x 150 Shipped within
1 working day
$204.40($204.40 excl VAT)

80 m

2750 170 x 170 x 210 Shipped within
1 working day
$233.60($233.60 excl VAT)

100 m

3400 170 x 170 x 210 Shipped within
1 working day
$292.00($292.00 excl VAT)

200 m

6800 200 x 200 x 260 Shipped within
1 working day
$584.00($584.00 excl VAT)
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MASTRANT-M is the choice for those who require a thinner rope with high performance at an affordable price. Very high strength, negligible elongation, very low weight, and great abrasion resistance - are all attributes that make this rope a perfect for guying. It is a highly durable rope with an outstanding performance-to-price ratio. Of course is nonconductive (no effect whatsoever on your antenna).

MASTRANT-M ropes using new Dyneema® Max Technology (by DSM) maximizes the scope of the world’s strongest fiber. Mastrant® is pioneering the use of high performance synthetic rope in permanently loaded applications. Designed specifically for mooring production facilities in deep waters, DSM’s new ‘ultra high strength at low weight’ Dyneema® DM20 fiber delivers unrivalled rope strength, stiffness, durability and longevity.

Laboratory tests demonstrate that ropes made from DM20 fiber retain the property characteristics of Dyneema®, even under long-term high tensions. Critical behavioral qualities, such as high static strength and stiffness, exceptional abrasion, fatigue and creep resistance enable a smaller, lighter rope to deliver improved performance and operational benefits. Dyneema® Max Technology performs significantly better than SK78 on creep and thus is another step change versus all other HMPE (high-modulus polyethylene). At the same time it keeps the good properties of Dyneema® fiber, which are appreciated by many users. The breakthrough product now offers all the benefits of ropes made with Dyneema® also to the markets of permanently loaded applications like guying of towers, masts and antennas.

Construction:  Double braided rope
Core: 100% Dyneema DM20, braided.
Inner cover: Polyester staple (only on ropes with diameters from 6 mm and up).
Outer cover: Polyester


Size [inch] 1/4
Diameter [mm] 6.4
Strength [daN, ~kg] 1850
Safe working load [daN, ~kg] 555
Weight [g/m] 32.3
Elongation [%] 1

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