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ACM1 144 g
$3.30($3.30 bez DPH)
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Bracket for Universal stainless steel mast clamp kit with original design.

Very strong (thickness 4 mm ... 5/32", screws M8 ... 5/16" length 60 or 100 mm) and durable (screws, nuts and washers are AISI 316, brackets AISI 304). Holds the mast in 6 or 8 points (actually lines).

The bracket is universal - can be used for both 3 or 4 directional configurations. Therefore 4 directional kits could be used as 3 directional too. In the bracket is a hole for security bolt (sold separately, code ACM1ST5 and ACM1ST6).

The holes Ø16 mm (5/8") for guys can adopt shackles / chain couplers / carabiners from size of 4 mm (5/32") and thimbles from size 3 mm (1/8") up to 10 mm (3/8"). 

V USA si můžete tento produkt objednat přímo: HERE

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