Guyrope Mastrant-S 6 mm (1/4 in.) - Reflective

Číst dál
Kód Délka [m] Hmotnost [g] Rozměry [ŠxDxV mm] Stav skladu Cena

1 m

29 25 x 250 x 6 Bude odesláno během
1 pracovního dne
$1.26($1.26 bez DPH)

50 m

1800 170 x 170 x 150 Bude odesláno během
1 pracovního dne
$53.00($53.00 bez DPH)

100 m

3100 170 x 170 x 205 Bude odesláno během
1 pracovního dne
$105.00($105.00 bez DPH)
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MASTRANT-S is new product in Mastrant Classic category. It is Mastrant-Q equipped with high-reflective tape in the cover.

Mastrant-Q is guyrope optimized for guying with respect to maximized "performance/price" ratio. This excellent rope offers very good strength, low elongation, high UV and humidity resistance. It has low weight, great abrasion resistance, great durability and is nonconductive (no effect whatsoever on your antenna). Moreover, in contrast to ropes made from aramid fibres (Kevlar, Vectran, Technora, Twaron), it has knot strength about 60 %.
Construction: Braided rope with twisted cores
Core: Polyester & Polypropylene, parallel-arranged twisted cores
Cover: Polyester & reflective tape


pdfReview in RadCom 2020-09
This article is copyright of the Radio Society of Great Britain and reproduced with their kind permission.


Průměr [palce] 1/4
Průměr [mm] 6,1
Pevnost [daN, ~kg] 730
Pracovní zatížení [daN, ~kg] 220
Hmotnost [g/m] 29
Tažnost [%] 3,2

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